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4 Reasons To Seek Dementia Care For Your Loved One

Dementia commonly affects senior citizens. As people age, their memory may suffer. Dementia can also negatively impact a person's judgment and decision-making skills. Alzheimer's disease is one form of dementia, but this condition can be caused by many different illnesses.

People with dementia may continue to care for themselves in the early stages of their illness. However, as dementia progresses, most people require a higher level of care that friends and family members can't provide. In these cases, a dementia care center can provide the assistance that your loved one needs. Here are four reasons to seek dementia care for your loved one:

1. Your loved one's doctor has recommended memory care.

Doctors are sometimes the first ones to diagnose dementia. A patient who has trouble carrying on a conversation or who exhibits unusual gaps in their memory may suffer from dementia. Eventually, your loved one's dementia may progress to a point where they are unable to care for themselves. Your loved one's doctor may then suggest moving them into a dementia care center. 

2. Your loved one is unsafe at home.

It can be in a person's best interest to move into a dementia care center when they are no longer safe at home. Dementia may cause a person to lose unhealthy amounts of weight or to become dehydrated if they forget to eat and drink. People with dementia may also suffer from poor hygiene if they forget to bathe and groom themselves. If your loved one is putting themselves at risk, dementia care can provide the assistance they need for daily living tasks.

3. You are unable or unwilling to provide the care your loved one requires.

Family members often care for seniors with dementia. Family assistance may be sufficient for people with mild to moderate dementia. However, people with severe dementia may require professional care. If you are physically or emotionally unable to continue caring for your loved one, dementia care can provide relief for your entire family. Proper dementia care can prevent elder abuse and caretaker fatigue.

4. Your loved one has decided they would like to receive dementia care.

Finally, some seniors ask for dementia care. If your loved one asks for professional dementia care during a lucid moment, that is an excellent time to begin your research into dementia care centers. Some people may decide when they'd like to receive dementia care at the beginning of their illness. In this case, you can follow the instructions laid out by your loved one in the past.