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Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Housing & Memory Care

Senior housing allows people to grow older in comfortable, safe surroundings. For many seniors, memory care is a great option for living with dementia and other health conditions that may lead to memory loss.

Are you considering senior housing with memory care for your loved one? Are you thinking about moving your loved one into a senior housing community with the intention to move them to memory care later? Here's what you might want to know.

What Does Memory Care Provide?

First, you might wonder what memory care actually is. Memory care is a form of senior living that meets the needs of people who may have dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. These programs are dedicated to caring for those who may need additional security and safety for adults who want to live as independently as possible.

Memory care differs from other types of senior housing because it offers staff members who are trained and educated about different methods of communication with people who may face difficulties in this part of life.

Can You Move From Senior Housing to Senior Housing With Memory Care?

Yes, you can decide to make the move from senior housing to a section of the community that offers memory care. This provides residents with quality care and improved conditions that meet their specific needs.

In fact, moving to a memory care wing may be in your loved one's best interest. It can provide them with communication tools and prevention from activities like wandering that could be unsafe. You might choose to make this move when safety and health become a concern.

Signs your loved one might benefit from moving to the memory care wing of a senior housing community include agitation, aggression, and wandering. You may also find this is a good option if caregivers are becoming stressed out.

Can You Visit Your Loved One in Memory Care?

Yes, you can visit your loved one in memory care. In fact, it is a good idea to visit your loved one because it can be better for their memory care and tendency to isolate. Visits to a resident in memory care can be good for your loved one's well-being.

Senior Housing Offers Many Benefits

It is important to consider senior housing for your loved one. A professional can help you find a housing option that also offers memory care so that you can take good care of your loved one. Make an appointment to check out senior housing with memory care options.