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4 Facts About Nursing Homes To Allay Your Worries

Nursing homes are assisted living facilities that cater to residents with advanced medical needs. Nurses and doctors work on staff, providing necessary medical care. A nursing home can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one is in good hands. However, some people have reservations due to preconceived notions surrounding this type of care. Here are four facts that can allay your worries about moving your loved one into a nursing home:

1. Nursing homes offer residents many social opportunities.

Isolation is a major problem that senior citizens face. When people are unable to drive due to failing health or poor eyesight, it's difficult for them to engage with others. This can lead to depression. Nursing homes make it easy for residents to engage with peers. Many nursing homes facilitate social interactions by offering group classes and social outings. Maintaining friendships and social ties can keep seniors in good spirits while fostering mental acuity.

2. Nursing homes encourage family visits.

Some people worry that their loved ones will feel unloved or forgotten when they move into a nursing home. However, nursing homes encourage family ties. Visiting your senior loved one is an excellent way to show that you care. Nursing homes offer long visiting hours when family and friends can visit their loved ones. You can spend time with your loved one in their room or in one of the common areas of the nursing home.

3. Nursing homes can provide the care patients can't get at home.

Some seniors can get by on their own, with only a little bit of assistance. However, people with serious health conditions or mobility limitations may struggle to take care of themselves. Living alone can be dangerous for seniors in this position. It can also seriously degrade their quality of life. Nursing homes provide around the clock care that seniors can't get at home. Health aides and medical personnel are on staff to administer medication, provide medical assistance, and offer the personal care services that elderly people need.

4. Nursing homes take COVID-19 very seriously.

Some people hesitate to move their loved one into a nursing home due to fear of COVID-19. While the coronavirus poses a threat to elderly people, nursing homes take illness prevention very seriously. Nursing homes follow doctor-prescribed guidelines for preventing the transmission of COVID-19. Social distancing is encouraged, and staff members wear PPE to keep themselves and residents safe.

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