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What Factors Can Impact The Personality Of A Dementia Patient?

It can be difficult to understand the changes in a loved one suffering from dementia. Over time, you will begin to notice personality changes. They can begin subtly, but they can soon become drastic. There are some things to keep in mind when your loved one's personality starts to change. The changes could be due to the disease, or they could be caused by other outside factors. Here are some things you should know about personality changes in your loved one with dementia:

Are There Any Physical Issues?

In some cases, there can be some physical issues in a dementia patient that can drastically change his or her personality. An infection can be one cause. Any pain or discomfort from an infection or from some other source can also cause shifts in personality. Changes in medication or the side-effects of a new medication can also result in a change in personality. Personality changes that are the result of physical issues may or may not be permanent. It depends on the individual person and how they react after the physical issues subside.

Have There Been Any Social Changes?

Another issue that can impact a dementia patient's personality are changes in his or her social structures. When your loved one starts to feel isolated, they can experience personality changes. Think about how your loved one's social situation has changed since the diagnosis. They may benefit from added social interaction. Consider some different activities your loved one may enjoy that are not too stressful but help decrease the feelings of isolation. Consider joining a knitting class or senior exercise classes.

Have You Considered Psychological Changes?

More likely than not, both your loved one and yourself have experienced some psychological impacts after a dementia diagnosis. Everyone involved may be experiencing some form of depression. As soon as you receive a dementia diagnosis, you may want to consider some form of counseling or therapy. This not only serves to provide you with ways to prepare for the inevitable, but also lets you and your loved one talk about how the diagnosis is making you all feel.  

A dementia diagnosis can impact everyone involved. It is crucial that you try to keep everything as normal and stress-free as possible for your loved one. You may want to consider home care for your loved one while he or she can still get around the house and still have some autonomy. Learn more about home care from a company like Care Choice Home Care.