Finding The Perfect Place For My Mom

3 Factors To Consider When Finding A Senior Living Facility

Caring for an elderly parent can be challenging. Not only will you want to ensure they are physically cared for, but you also need to make sure they are not experiencing any emotional distress because of their health and emotional wellness. Senior care facilities are becoming popular for children who want to provide their aging parents with a safe, healthy environment, but do not have the ability to provide this care and environment on their own. Here are a few factors to consider when searching for a facility for your aging parent.


Location is key when it comes to any type of real estate and this same rule applies when choosing the best facility for your aging parent. Although the facility does not have to be a hot, trendy area that will ensure a higher value, it should be accessible to you and other family members. Many people will choose a facility that is close to their home or workplace, so they will be able to visit more frequently.

Location will also determine the type of care your aging parent receives. For example, certain states limit the amount of medical care they can administer to your parent. Although accessibility is important, location should also depend on your parent's specific needs.


Leaving their home will be physically and emotionally overwhelming for your parent. They will not want to leave their personal space or feel they are losing their independence. Fortunately, you can make the transition to easier by focusing on the senior care facility's environment.

One of the most important factors to look for when choosing a senior care facility is its appearance. You do not want the facility to look or feel like a hospital. This will ensure you are more comfortable leaving your parent there, but it will also make your parent feel much more comfortable.

A proper senior facility will be more than a building with rooms and hospital beds. There should be activities and others actually participating in these activities. In addition, there should be outdoor areas that are accessible with and without the help of professional caregivers.

This will ensure your aging parent lives in an environment that is close to the environment and feel of their home.

Specialized Care

You should also choose a facility based on your parent's individual needs. Again, this may require researching state laws, since not all senior facilities offer medical care for your parent's actual needs.

If your senior parent has a form of dementia, make sure the facility specializes in Alzheimer's and other memory disorders. There should be others like your parent, but there should also be experienced caregivers, nurses, and doctors on staff to help your parent transition and live comfortably.

If your parent is currently receiving cancer treatment, make sure the facility offers specialized care for cancer patients. 

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