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3 Reasons To Utilize A Skilled Nursing Home

When you think of nursing homes, you might think of an assisted living facility for senior citizens staffed by health aides. However, there is more than one type of nursing home, and each type is suited for particular needs. A skilled nursing home is a special type of nursing home which is run by registered nurses and often supervised by at least one physician. This makes skilled nursing homes perfect for people who need constant medical care, according to Aging Care. Here are three reasons you or someone you love might want to move into a skilled nursing home.

1. Recovering from surgery

After you undergo surgery, you may require assistance doing basic things such as bathing and dressing yourself. If you live with a friend or loved one, they can provide care, but many people don't have that option. A skilled nursing home can assist you as you recover from major surgery, so you don't have to worry about anything except getting better. The trained nurses on staff can help you change your bandages. They can also help you manage your pain by administering your medication on schedule.

2. Dealing with chronic illness

Some chronic illnesses can be debilitating and eventually require additional assistance. If you are unable to get the kind of care you need with in-home health aides, then a skilled nursing home can help you. This is a good option for people suffering from conditions such as cystic fibrosis. Skilled nursing homes can also provide care for people with terminal illnesses, such as those in the later stages of cancer. It can be an intermediary step between unassisted living and hospice care.

3. Requiring medical care due to age

While many young people can benefit from skilled nursing homes depending on their medical needs, senior citizens can also use a skilled nursing home. Moving into a skilled nursing home is the better choice if you or your elderly loved one requires more medical care than what a standard nursing home would provide. Trained staff will be able to administer medication and other medical interventions as required.

These are just a few of the ways a skilled nursing home can help you. If you need the assistance of trained medical professionals, don't hesitate to look into assisted living options. Skilled nursing homes are for people of all ages who need medical assistance around the clock, and they provide both short and long term accommodations.